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Fun Indoor Activities To Do At Home With Your Kids

March 08, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Kids Activities
Need ideas for what to do at home with your boys and girls?

So Spring Break has come a bit earlier than expected and some of us are completely clueless as to how to keep the little ones busy! But fret not - just because you're stuck at home, it doesn't mean that you can't have bucket loads of fun.

Have a go at some of the ideas below to keep you and your kids entertained - and keep checking back in as we update the lists weekly.

Get Crafty


Fire Breathing Dragon Craft -- Make this mythical creature with some paper roll and construction paper

Paper Plates Tic Tac Toe -- Who knew paper plates could be this fun?

DIY Circle Punch Art -- Here's a simple art project that'll look awesome to hang even in the living room

Monster Blow Painting -- Straws and water colours create the coolest looking monsters

DIY Foosball Table -- Perfect for those of us who just don't have the space for a real one

Paper Plate Mandela -- A simple mandala scratch art on a paper plate base

DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship -- You can go big on this if you have a little more time (and patience) or just really simple. Either way, you and your kids are going to have a blast creating it together.

Fun & Games


DIY Laser Maze -- Turn your hallway into a laser maze for some easy, inexpensive fun

Racing Pom Pom Balls -- Create a racing competition with just tape, straws and pom pom (or paper) balls

Indoor Camping -- Clear some floor space in the living room and set up your tent. If you want to amp up the atmosphere, go to YouTube and put on some forest-themed background music. Got a gas cooker? - Spoil your kids with some s'mores.

Treasure Hunt -- Start off by creating a bunch of hints (on pieces of paper) to different items/spots in your home - one hint leading to the next e.g. I am a little North Pole in the kitchen (freezer) or Your dust is my food (vacuum cleaner). Give your child the first hint and watch as they explore throughout the house. As for the "treasure", you can treat your kids with a small toy, an outing of their choice, a dish/snack of their choice or something else they'd love.

Indoor Obstacle Course -- Kids got some pent up energy? Grab some electrical tape and get the wiggles out by setting up an indoor obstacle course

Make Space For Screen Time


Yes, we said it - the big awful S-word. But let's be real, screen time will be a bit of a saving grace in the coming weeks.

For learning

--For toddlers and younger--

Blippi - a toddler-friendly exploration into play, museums, jobs and more
Cocomelon - a selection of fun nursery rhymes
Babybus - teaching your kiddies various relevant scenarious through song
Sesame Street - making learning entertaining

--For older kids--

SciShow - where you and your kids can explore fascinating questions about our world
TED-Ed - lessons that are worth sharing
Smithsonian Channel - where you can learn a bit of everything from world war history to why male swans dance together

For learning

--For toddlers and younger--

Word Party - a brilliant show teaching young kids various words and their meaning. Plus, the new season even teaches you words in Mandarin!

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood - great for preschoolers to have fun and learn practical skills necessary for growing and developing

PJ Masks - the adventures of Catboy, Owlette and Gecko, teaching preschoolers what it is to be a real hero

For a brain break

--For older kids--

The Amazing World of Gumball - a quirky animation that's sure to get a massive giggle from both the kids and yourself

Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - perfect for your Pokemon fans

Teen Titants Go! -a look into being a superhero while leading a normal teenage life


And get involved! Why not put on a video game and grab a controller yourself? Your boys and girls would probably love to show you how it's done.

Fun For The Tots


Lego Letters -- A fun and creative way to teach your littles the alphabet

The Floor Is Lava -- All you need is some coloured papers and tape to get the littles active

Sink or Float -- Get out a medium-sized, transparent plastic container (cheap IKEA storage boxes are perfect for this) and fill half of it with water. Gather a bunch of items from around your home e.g. small toys, spoon, cotton and drop them into the water one by one. Your tot is going to have a fun time guessing if the item is going to float or not.

DIY Tape Roads -- Playing with toy cars is going to be a lot more fun like this!

Counting Made Fun -- Use these FREE printables to teach your kiddies how to count

--- Want more ideas for fun at home? - Get Kidzapp!

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