Teddy Tennis

Ages 3-6

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Kidzapp Thu 16:15 & 17:00 Kidzapp The Gardens, Tennis Courts Kidzapp

Are you eager to introduce your little ones to Tennis but fear they might lack the coordination and skills to play the game? Well fear not because Teddy Tennis has a program designed to ensure your little munchkins get active and inspired to play tennis through the combination of Music, Pictures and Teddy Bear Characters resulting into a totally interactive learning adventure that your young children will love.

The Teddy Tennis program is taught using the Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) learning approach which has been proven to be very effective for young children. Your kiddos will basically see it, hear it, and then they'll do it.

3-4.5yrs --15:45-16:30
4.5-6yrs -- 16:30-17:15

12 weeks AED 1,080
+971 58 589 4233

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