OliOli Mess Fest

Ages 1-16

Tinies & Tots, Feeling Artsy, Just Play

Kidzapp Dec 27-29, Thu-Sat 9:00 to 21:00 Kidzapp OliOli Building, Al Quoz 1, Next to Oasis Center Kidzapp

Celebrate the new year with all things messy, at OliOli's three-day festival offering your family a range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Take part in all the action including walking on liquids, making the gooiest slime, creating works of art using catapults and exploding watermelons using nothing but rubber bands.

Mess Fest is all about exploring and experimenting; with no right or wrong way to get messy! Your kids will be encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and free as they play with all things messy, sensory and most importantly, fun.

You are encouraged to wear old clothes you don’t mind getting stained or messy, don't forget to bring a change of clothing! Admission grants three-hour access to both the Mess Fest and the other OliOli galleries.

Here are some of the exciting activities you can expect:

Bubble Mania
- Make giant bubbles over a meter wide.

- Create artistic masterpieces using bubbles.

- Make bubble snakes or their own bubble wand.

- Discover OliOli’s bubble bins.

- Take part in the property’s children’s car wash.

Paint Frenzy
- Use OliOli’s catapults to launch paintballs onto a canvas for this unique painting activity.

- Make art masterpieces with anything but a paintbrush! Children will use their fingers, toes, spaghetti or anything, as long as it's not a paintbrush!

- Roll cars and balls through OliOli’s giant paint ramp to make a one of a kind collaborative painting.

- Discover firework painting.

Mess Mayhem
- Walking on water with OliOli’s giant oobleck track! Children can try running, dancing or even somersaulting across the oobleck track.

- Rummage through OliOli’s sensory bins full of sand, goo and other messy fun.

Chalk City
- OliOli’s temporary installation is now open to all artists! Children can use their creativity to help color in the chalk buildings and walls to create a one-of-a-kind colorful city.

Mess Fest Shows
- Special explosion countdown and unique bubble shows will take place throughout the event.

- Several demonstrations and drop-in programs for extra messy fun.

Child 2-18 AED 126
Child 1-2 AED 63
Child 0-1 FREE
Adult AED 42
+971 4 702 7300

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