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Turn a cardboard box into a fun ball maze! This is a great hand-eye coordination game for kids, as well as an awesome boredom buster since you probably have all these materials on hand. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Cardboard Box Glue/Duct Tape Scissors Paint (optional) Any ball/marble --STEP 1-- First, prepare your box. You will want a smooth surface for the ball to roll on. --STEP 2-- Then, cut the paper towel rolls in thirds and wrap each one in a different color of duct tape. Glue on the paper towel roll to the box, or use duct tape. --STEP 3-- Turn the ball maze into a challenge game by adding cards that match the colors of duct tape. You can simply stick pieces of each color of tape to some index cards. or Make a hole at one end of the box and count how many rolls you manage to go through within 30 seconds. Each roll you go through can count as 1 point. ----- Activity/image credit:


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