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Have fun with this icy “process art" – a child-directed, choice-driven experience of discovery for your littles. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Acrylic paint Ice cube trays Ice cream sticks Foil Paper --STEP 1-- Take your ice cube tray and fill each hole about halfway with paint. Top it with water, stir, then cover the tray with foil. --STEP 2-- Take a knife and make popsicle stick sized holes in the tin foil all the way around the ice cube tray. Then set in the popsicle sticks. Leave the paint to freeze overnight. --STEP 3-- Set up your painting area (on the floor or dining table) and lay down blank sheets of papers. Tape down the papers to make sure they don't move around as your kids paint. --STEP 4-- Placed a set of frozen paint-sicles on a plate with just a hint of water to help the cube start melting.


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