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If your child loves dinosaurs, this Dino Ice Dig activity is going to be a huge hit! It’s easy to set up and will have your child melting ice with salt and water to free toy dinosaurs and other treasures from a frozen block of ice. Science, water play, and fine motor development are all wrapped up in one in this fun, icy activity! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Toy dinosaurs Stones (optional) Shells (optional) Plastic crystals Large container Salt (coloured with a few drops of blue food colouring) A shaker container for the salt Spoons Syringes Tweezers Bowl of hot water --STEP 1-- In a large container, freeze your ice block in layers, over the course of a couple of days, adding a few items to the water, placing the container in the freezer, and repeating with another layer when the previous one is frozen. --STEP 2-- When your ice block is ready, pour a little hot water over the container and wait till the block slips out. Then set up a space for "digging" either out in your garden, bathtub or dining table. If setting up in your living room, cover your table with towels. --STEP 3-- Start out by getting your kids to sprinkle some of the colourful salt all over the ice block. This kickstarts the melting process. --STEP 4-- Use spoons or syringes to pour hot water over the ice, and get digging with your spoons. --STEP 5-- As the ice block gets smaller and smaller, help your kids break off chunks of ice and free the different treasures.


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