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8 Fun and Kid-Friendly Workshops at Dubai Design Week


Get your boys and girls’ creative juices flowing at the Middle East’s largest creative festival… Dubai Design Week is back in town this month and will take place over at d3 on November 11th-16th. The 6-day event is the place to be for fans of architecture, product design, interiors, multimedia and graphic design – and Read more

Arts & Crafts: Hoverboard

Arts & Crafts: Hoverboard January 9, 2019

Arts & Crafts by @raisingmyknight ( Does your child love cars??? And has endless fun moving it around along with imaginary play. If you have said yes then this activity is a definite winner! Materials required: Glue gun Bottle caps CD disc Balloon Step one: Make large holes in your bottle cap. Step two: Cover Read more

Gift ideas for birthdays

Gift ideas for birthdays December 10, 2018 Gift ideas for birthdaysWritten by: Priyanka

If your kid is a little socialite, you must be constantly looking for birthday gift ideas through the year. Having said that, every child is unique and the best gifts are dependent on their nature and temperament.

Discover the magic of Fairytales

Discover the magic of Fairytales February 23, 2018 Discover the magic of FairytalesWritten by: Kidzapp

You might have grown up thinking that fairytales only take place in a land far far away, but thanks to the enterprising Emirati mommy duo…