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Arcadia Academy of Music - Newmarket


16700 Bayview Ave B102, Newmarket

Arcadia Academy of Music - Newmarket offers several programs that strive to provide students the opportunity to approach music on ...
Arcadia Academy of Music - Newmarket offers several programs that strive to provide students the opportunity to approach music on their own terms.

From rigorous conservatory programs to open-ended contemporary programs – students will have the opportunity to find a learning style that best suits them. We also offer a wide array of group programs that range from band to theory classes to allow students to meet and grow alongside like-minded peers.

- Voice Lessons
- Ukulele Lessons
- Bass Guitar Lessons
- Piano Lessons
- Guitar Lessons
- Drum Lessons
- Bass Lessons
- Woodwind Lessons
- Strings Lessons

- Music Theory Program: Each level of theory in the RCM offers a progression-based learning environment that builds upon a student’s understanding of musical concepts. Starting from Level 5, students will learn eight core principles that subsequent levels will further reinforce and expand. For a brief look into each level, read below to see how the progression works across a `student’s musical theory journey.

- Songwriting Course: In this 16-week program, students will learn how to write and create their own original songs but also learn how much of the music they listen to undergo the same process.

- Arcadia Rocks Band Program: The program runs 2-3 times a year. There are 2 segments, October to January and March to June that will run for 14 weeks each; once a week rehearsal for 12 weeks, then in week 13 there will be a live performance at a venue determined by the host location(s). On week 14, each band will be able to record at the Arcadia Woodbridge Recording Facility in Woodbridge OR a recording studio approved by Arcadia Head Office.

- Arcadia Uke-Club Outline: Arcadia Academy of Music’s Uke-Club is a program that aims to showcase the ukulele in a group-based setting. This program allows for younger or newer musicians an opportunity to learn a versatile instrument that has grown in popularity as of 2019.

- New Vocal Worx Program: Arcadia Academy of Music’s Vocalworx Program is a show choir performance initiative that aims to bring together the up and coming singers of our franchise locations. This will encourage interaction with their musical peers, and challenge them in an engaging and exciting environment.

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Arcadia Academy of Music - Newmarket Location

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