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Parc Downsview Park


70 Canuck Ave, North York

Parc Downsview Park is a large destination park with a lot to offer -- from nature and education to sports, recreation, and cultur...
Parc Downsview Park is a large destination park with a lot to offer -- from nature and education to sports, recreation, and cultural events.


- Lakeside Circuit; Complete these exercises one at a time until you’ve completed the circuit. Jog or walk quickly between each station to maintain your heart rate. Complete 3 circuits.

- The Circuit Path is a six-metre-wide paved pathway, offering four kilometres of walking paths—the large main loop is 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles) with shortcuts along the way! The pathway has everything you need to enjoy a stroll through the park including trees and shrubs, benches and waste receptacles.

- The trail was designed in consultation with the Mississaugas of the Credit and incorporates visuals and public art to create an immersive and engaging experience for pedestrians.

- The forest is the anchor of Downsview Park’s wildlife and natural spaces, and central to the Park’s passive green space for public recreation.

- Within our Urban Forest we have Boake’s Grove, a woodlot remaining from one of the homesteads of the Boake family who farmed the lands beginning in the 1830s.

- Located just off the Circuit Path, you can get amazing views of the Lake to the west, the Orchard and Urban Farm to the south and Mini Mound to the east.

- Playzone & Basketball court: Our aviation-themed playground opened to the community in October 2017. It features colourful play structures, a basketball court, a sharing circle and more for all sorts of adventures.

-Dogsview Park - Our off-leash area is 0.46-hectares (1.14-acres) in size, and the perfect place for both small and large dogs to lose the leash and run, jump and play. We have seating, shaded areas, water supply, separate areas for small and large dogs and dog-friendly landscaping.

- Orchard Pavilion - The 400 trees in our one-hectare/2.5-acre Orchard grow a mix of apple varieties. A canopy and pavilion at this location provide shelter from the rain and sun, making this the perfect rest stop! There are also several picnic benches nearby, and public washrooms within the pavilion.

- Lake: Follow the Circuit Path to Downsview Park’s lakeside area. Walk along the bridge and boardwalk over the water’s edge or walk around the granite and limestone lakeside path.

- Ponds (Upper & Lower): The Upper Pond is the biggest of the two Ponds and connects directly to Boake’s Grove via a bioswale. The Lower Pond, our newest stormwater management system, is much smaller and drains to the Lake. You can spot all three bodies of water from atop the Mini Mound!

- The Festival Terrace is the largest outdoor venue within the Greater Toronto Area, with a 5.5-hectare (13.6-acre) field and a capacity to host 40,000 people. It can easily accommodate two large stages on a 115,000 sq. ft. gravel pad, which makes it the perfect venue for large-scale events

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