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From noisy parties to free playing at Kids Birthday Parties

KidzappDecember 20, 2018 KidzappWritten by: Alejandra Aranda KidzappAll Posts, Kids Activities, Parenting

When I think about children celebrations here in Dubai, it immediately comes to my mind those super-loud birthday parties with only treats and chicken nugget as nibbles, plus one host that turn the music on at maximum volume screaming into the microphone trying to cheer the children no matter what. It seems the louder the Read more

Winter Camps in Dubai

Winter Camps in DubaiDecember 17, 2018Winter Camps in DubaiWritten by: Kidzapp

Schools out for Christmas time! And many families will surely want to keep their kids out of the house and away from the television. So have a look at Kidzapp selection of Winter camps this year. There are so many more camps available for your children of all ages and across Various locations. Just check Read more

Legoland with Toddlers

Legoland with ToddlersDecember 3, 2018Legoland with ToddlersWritten by: Kidzapp

Legoland and Legoland Waterpark with toddlers may be a nightmare or a dream for some parents, so our in-House Kidzapp Reviewer Rachel recently checked it out with her twin Toddlers. Many families may worry about the price and if their children would enjoy it, but you will be happy to know that entrance for ages Read more

Ways to make use of the good weather outdoors in the UAE

Ways to make use of the good weather outdoors in the UAENovember 8, 2018

Being outdoors once the temperature drops is something that the UAE excels in. There should be a movie on the great outdoors in the UAE, like seriously. Entertaining kids which is otherwise a struggle becomes easy, especially if you are ready to pack up and start gallivanting. Here’s my list of 30 ‘cool’ activities to Read more

Education on your mind? 

Education on your mind? November 4, 2018Education on your mind? Written by: Priyanka

How to entertain and educate the kids at the same time? The UAE is known for its swanky malls and state-of-the-art theme parks, besides the biggest, tallest and largest of everything. But what if, you and your kids are on a quest to broaden your understanding of different cultures and nationalities; to combine education and Read more

What makes a good play area?

What makes a good play area?May 7, 2018What makes a good play area?Written by: Kidzapp

Raise your hand if you’d rather take your kids to a play area than have them staring at a screen all day. Pretty obvious eh? Would you pick the first new play area in town though, if that means a break for you or does this selection require a fair bit of planning at your Read more