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Gift ideas for birthdays

KidzappDecember 10, 2018 KidzappWritten by: Priyanka Kidzapp Arts & Crafts

If your kid is a little socialite, you must be constantly looking for birthday gift ideas through the year. Having said that, every child is unique and the best gifts are dependent on their nature and temperament.

Turkey Takeaways for Christmas

Turkey Takeaways for ChristmasDecember 9, 2018Turkey Takeaways for ChristmasWritten by: Kidzapp

Turkey for Christmas this year? Pressed for time and want to enjoy Christmas in the comfort of your own home, but without all the hassle of prep and cooking? Kidzapp has selected 7 delicious Turkey and Festive Food selections for takeaway, to make this festive season a stress free one, with more time to spend […]

Types of Grocery Shopping Moms

Types of Grocery Shopping MomsDecember 5, 2018Types of Grocery Shopping MomsWritten by: Sara Sadik

I love scoping out how other mamas  do their groceries at my local supermarket. It’s the great leveler because we all need food, right? It’s not like we all find ourselves in Baby Dior everyday. It’s where our true selves come out to play because we’re in a rush, ticking one more thing off the […]

Legoland with Toddlers

Legoland with ToddlersDecember 3, 2018Legoland with ToddlersWritten by: Kidzapp

Legoland and Legoland Waterpark with toddlers may be a nightmare or a dream for some parents, so our in-House Kidzapp Reviewer Rachel recently checked it out with her twin Toddlers. Many families may worry about the price and if their children would enjoy it, but you will be happy to know that entrance for ages […]

Cutting-Edge Student Learning

Cutting-Edge Student LearningNovember 13, 2018Cutting-Edge Student LearningWritten by: Priyanka

Dunecrest American School shifts from traditional textbook learning to an interactive, digital experience As with any new school, a common concern among parents is the exclusivity factor. What makes the school unique and why should it be a parent’s choice? To answer that question, it would suffice to say that life at Duncrest American School […]

Ways to make use of the good weather outdoors in the UAE

Ways to make use of the good weather outdoors in the UAENovember 8, 2018

Being outdoors once the temperature drops is something that the UAE excels in. There should be a movie on the great outdoors in the UAE, like seriously. Entertaining kids which is otherwise a struggle becomes easy, especially if you are ready to pack up and start gallivanting. Here’s my list of 30 ‘cool’ activities to […]