Best Babyshop Christmas Gifts For The Kids: Our Top Picks

December 22, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Kids Activities

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Gingerbread cookies, festive tunes on repeat, dreamy twinkle lights – and the huge smile on your children’s faces when they tear up that wrapping paper! For us moms and dads, there is truly no greater joy than to see your kids happy. And with that in mind, we are taking a peak at some fantastic toys you can buy at Babyshop for your kiddos this Christmas.

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1. Kindi Kids Dolls

Designed with colourful hair and big glittery doe eyes, these Kindi Kids dolls come with some cute accessories and an adorable head that bobbles with every movement. One doll is designed to teach your little one to care for the sick, another teaches your child to be less fussy with feeding, and you can find even more doll options to equip your littles some valuable skills – the fun way.

Prices start from AED 109 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

2. Super Mario Inspired LEGO Sets

Your Super Mario fans will go gaga for these playsets by LEGO. These highly interactive playsets are well-packed with adventure, excitement – and it’s-a-gonna be a fun-tatic endless hours of fun for your littles from age 3 and up.

Prices start from AED 49 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, more info

3. Fortnite Nerf Gun

This HC-E blaster is inspired by the blaster used in the Fortnite video game and would be the ideal gift for your mad-about Fortnite youngsters. It comes with three official Nerf Mega darts which can be loaded into the blaster to fire away a dart at a time. Keep your kids engaged and active with this fun and friendly blaster toy.

AED 129 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

4. Zuru Smashers

Got dino fans at home? This is what you want to give them for Christmas! Your kiddos will have a proper giggle as they feed the hungry Ice-Rex and watch him smash and poop out a Smash Dino Ice Age Egg that will reveal one of over 50 icy and wacky characters to collect!

AED 149 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

5. Ryan's World Combo Panda's Airlines Playset

If your kids have ever spent time on YouTube, they have probably stumbled upon the famous Ryan’s World and his popular toy reviews. Now, Ryan has his own line of super fun toys, ready to be played with! This playset features a jumbo airplane that opens up to reveal six character figurines and a range of food and fun accessories. You can pack all the items inside the plane for easy clean-up once playtime is over.

AED 249 on Babyshop,​ get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

6. Rainbocorns Surprise


These toys are an absolute treat for your kiddies who are all about the surprise toy craze! Each egg contains one Rainbocorn plush toy – each with its own unique look – and is a super fun and cute addition to your little one’s toy collection.

AED 49 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

7. Play-Doh Doctor Drill 'n Fill Dough Set

With all the sweets and treats your kids are going to be eating this festive season, it might be an idea to introduce them to dental hygiene – through play dough! This kit is a fun role-playing activity for your little one and perfect for some open-ended play.

AED 129 on Babyshop, get 15% off with promo code BS15, shop now

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