Terms & Conditions

Nomination Stage

  • There are 13 categories in total open for nominations; your nominee might fall in several categories. Please read the description of every category to know if your chosen company belongs to this specific category.
  • Only companies who are listed on Kidzapp can be nominated.
  • Nomination form must be completed in full or will be disregarded.
  • Please do not nominate your company more than once in a category. Mass nominations will be disregarded entirely.
  • You can nominate your company in more than one category; however, please only select the category(ies) you feel best suit your brand. Mass nominations in non-relevant categories may be disregarded entirely.
  • Submitting a nomination does not guarantee your nominee will proceed to the public voting stage.
  • By filling in the nomination form you accept to accept and abide by the results of the voting
  • Nominations open Monday, May 4th and close Tuesday, June 2nd (check calender)
  • Nominee shortlisting for public voting will be judged by a panel of 3 from Kidzapp who will assess the nominations, the reasons given by the nominee for being selected and may conduct venue visits to confirm shortlisting
  • You accept that part of the nomination process may involve confirming with your team that your business meets criteria to proceed to the next round
  • If you are accepted as a nominee, you will be contacted via email, a week after nomination closes.
  • Companies cannot pay or give an incentive to be nominated or to move through to the public voting stage.
  • No financial cost to nominees is incurred for participation or success. Neither is any financial compensation, or any other benefit offered to the judging panel.

Voting Stage

  • You accept that if you move to the voting round, your business will be part of video and image coverage to promote the awards as well as your business
  • The top nominees (in each category) will be shortlisted for the Kidzapp awards and public voting will start on June 9th
  • Public voting closes Friday, November 15th
  • There will be only one winner for each category
  • The Kidzapp AllStar will be selected by the Kidzapp team based on criteria for truly exceptional service to families in the UAE
  • Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Thursday, November 21st as well as in a separate newsletter issue
  • Winners will be given AED 15,000 worth of promotion on the Kidzapp platform (calculated at the latest updated rate card prices) to be used from December 2019 to December 2020, subject to planning and availability, and reasonably spread out to ensure editorial integrity across the Kidzapp platform
  • No images, or posts that include Kidzapp’s competitors’ logos or mentions, or exclusive offers that are only available on competitor platforms will be promotable as part of the Kidzapp awards prize
  • No activity for which an agreement is made related to promoting or any form of commission including any free or paid services with direct competitors of Kidzapp is promotable
  • Any breach, or reason to believe there is a breach of any of the terms and conditions will result in the Kidzapp awards prize being forfeited, this will be effective immediately at the sole discretion of Kidzapp
  • A request for Kidzapp to promote such an activity also constitutes a breach and does not require the promotion to actually take place to be considered as such
  • As a nominee, participant or voter, you confirm that you will not hold Kidzapp liable for the results of the voting and confirm that you accept Kidzapp’s decision as final
  • Criteria for selecting nominees may include but not be limited to the following, and will be solely at the discretion of Kidzapp’s panel of judges:
    • Relevance to category
    • Quality and commitment of service
    • Uniqueness of offering
    • Rationale and reasons provided for why the nominee should be selected
    • Other criteria relevant to each specific category
  • By submitting a nomination you are accepting to abide by all these terms and conditions
  • Kidzapp reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice and it is the responsibility of the nominees to maintain knowledge of all terms and conditions
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